HNO-Mallorca | Equilibrium diagnostics

Equilibrium diagnostics

Dizziness and balance disorders are perceived as very unpleasant by the affected patients. This problem can occur as an individual symptom or together with other disorders and thus affect various medical disciplines.

In this interdisciplinary context, we try to find out in our practice whether the cause could be damage to the vestibular apparatus in the inner ear. This is achieved through various tests, such as standing and stepping on the spot with eyes closed, as well as through “position tests” and examination of the eyes for certain jerky movements (nystagmus) at rest and under provocation with “Frenzel glasses”. In addition, computer-aided video nystagmography takes place.

Coordination performance is also tested and, above all, the “caloric test” of the vestibular organs is carried out. The often complicated overall assessment requires not only in-depth knowledge but also a lot of experience. The findings are evaluated by computer and documented in writing.