HNO-Mallorca | Billing


You will no doubt be asking what the costs of a visit to the doctor in another European country are and to what extent reimbursement by insurance companies is possible.

In general, all patients (just like private patients in Germany) must make advance payments. You don’t have to pay for this in cash. We also accept common credit cards and Eurocard. As far as reimbursement is concerned, you have several options:

You are privately insured on an outpatient and inpatient basis in Europe. These patients submit their bills to private insurance, which then reimburses them. As we break down the invoices in several languages and according to the individual service principle, this provides the insurer with the necessary transparency regarding the medical services provided. Reimbursement should not be a problem.

You are a “health insurance patient” in the outpatient sector. The statutory insurance company is obliged to reimburse you for the medical costs that would have been incurred in your home country. The difference is then covered by travel health insurance, which is always worth taking out. In most cases, travel health insurance also deals directly with the statutory insurer. Important to know: All Goldcard credit card holders usually have travel health insurance automatically included, which also applies to the partner travelling with them, even if they are not married. This also applies if the flight was not paid for with the card.

We have direct billing for Mallorca residents with DKV, provided the “Mundisalud or top health” tariff exists.

ENT doctor | Ear, nose and throat specialist

Dr. Frank Burkart


Ear, nose and throat specialist
Neurootologist (Professional Association ENT)
Medical Director of the International Sleep and Breathe Institute