HNO-Mallorca | Shortened tongue tie

Shortened tongue tie (infants-children-adults)

A shortened tongue tie can lead to breastfeeding problems in infants, as the breast is not sufficiently enclosed by the mouth, resulting in insufficient suckling. The consequences can be too little milk, nipple problems, crying babies, growth disorders and many other things. If necessary, the ligament can be cut in an operation lasting just a few seconds.

In children, this leads to further breathing and sleeping problems as well as misaligned jaws and teeth with chronic consequences in adulthood. After an exact diagnosis, a tongue tie separation or removal can also eliminate the problem and form the basis for further successful therapeutic steps.

Even in adulthood, a shortened tongue ligament can lead to serious health problems, facial pain, poor posture, partial mouth breathing and therefore a reduction in quality of life. This can also be remedied by cutting the tongue ligament (frenulotomy).