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Operations in the ENT area

For some diseases, only surgery will help. Below, you can find out some information in advance, although a personal consultation with comprehensive information for the patient remains essential. I perform most surgical procedures at the Clinica Juaneda in Palma ( If it is not an outpatient procedure, patients are usually monitored for 24 hours and then discharged. You will normally be allocated a twin room, with the second bed being for a family member, which is particularly helpful for children’s surgeries.

Adenotomy with and without tympanic tube insertion into the eardrum (see ENT diseases in children)

Tonsillotomy (tonsil reduction) for chronic infection or airway constriction: in this outpatient procedure, the tonsil is reduced without removing it completely. The procedure is considerably less risky and gentler than a complete tonsillectomy, which is almost never indicated. The procedure takes place on an outpatient basis or with an overnight stay in the hospital.

Laryngoscopy under anaesthetic: If the endoscopic examination in the practice reveals a change in the area of the larynx or vocal cords that should be removed, this can be done using outpatient microlaryngoscopy. Under the microscope, these tissue changes are then gently removed and passed on to the pathologist for histological examination.

Nasal septum surgery (septum surgery): If the cartilaginous-bony nasal septum is misaligned and nasal breathing is impaired as a result, we can correct it surgically. The bent areas are exposed and readapted so that the patient can breathe much better afterwards. The procedure and the follow-up treatment are painless. There is no external swelling on the face.

Nasal cavernous body reduction: If nasal breathing is obstructed and the nasal septum is straight, it is often sufficient to simply reduce the size of the cavernous bodies in the nose. The necessary procedure takes about 5 minutes, is performed on an outpatient basis and is carried out under local anaesthetic. The procedure is called radiofrequency surgery or coblation. The results are noticeable to the patient within a few days. It is an extremely safe, low-complication and controlled method, whereby tissue is removed by means of a probe that is introduced into the cavernous body. In children, the operation is carried out under an outpatient anaesthetic.

Nasal sinus surgery (FESS – functional endoscopic sinus surgery): In cases of chronic sinusitis with polyps, the nasal passage and ventilation of the sinuses can be restored using a safe, endoscopic procedure with removal of the pathological tissue changes. This technique is much safer and less complicated than the previous procedures and is now routinely used. The procedure is carried out under anaesthetic.

Tongue frenulum separation or removal: in infants as a one-second procedure under anaesthetic via oral gel in the practice. In children and adults, under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic in the practice or clinic.

Other operations can be organised by us and carried out by local cooperation partners.