HNO-Mallorca | Children

ENT diseases in children

We specialise in the treatment of children. A loving approach, a chat if necessary and an examination by the hand puppet Sam should make a visit to the doctor a cheerful affair. Sometimes, I’m not sure who is enjoying an examination by the hand puppet Sam more: the child, the parents or myself. A visit to the doctor should be cheerful and fun. We love to laugh, and we’d even rather laugh with you.

Why children come to us:

Child hearing disorders

Chronic infections

Mouth breathing (extensive permanent damage must be prevented here)



Speech disorders

Shortened tongue frenulum


ENT doctor | Ear, nose and throat specialist

Dr. med. Frank Burkart


Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist
Neuro-otologist (Professional Association of ENT specialists)
Medical Director International Sleep and Breathe Institute