HNO-Mallorca | Allergies


As an allergist (additional qualification in allergology), I specialise in allergic diseases of the ENT area – these can be allergies to substances that are inhaled but can also be caused by food.

Allergic diseases are a rapidly increasing clinical picture in ENT medicine. Patients usually suffer from sneezing attacks, watery rhinitis, itching in the nose and eyes and nasal congestion. Patients can either only have a pollen allergy, in which case the symptoms usually subside after a few weeks, or suffer from a year-round allergy, such as a house dust mite allergy, mould allergy or pet allergy.

As a primary examination, we carry out a skin test, the “prick test”. Blood tests and “provocation tests” can be carried out for further confirmation.

Medicinal procedures are available to us for treatment. HYPOSENSITISATION should also be carried out, particularly in the case of year-round allergies, especially to prevent the allergy from turning into asthma. We usually recommend oral therapy here. The patient consumes a defined amount of a neutral-flavoured liquid containing allergens every day, and after a few months, they will notice a reduction in their symptoms.

The positive effect lasts a lifetime. The treatment lasts over 3 years and has significantly fewer risks than the subcutaneous immunotherapy associated with injections under the skin.

Long-term studies prove the effectiveness. Some patients may require additional outpatient surgery on the cavernous bodies of the nose, but this remains the exception.