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International Breath and Sleep Institute

This is my specialty. For all age groups, many new approaches have emerged in the field of diagnosis and treatment of nasal obstructions, mouth breathing, snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea (cessation of breathing during sleep), poor sleep and misaligned teeth in children and adults.

Thanks to extensive further training, especially in the USA, I am able to offer a diagnostic and therapeutic plan that is almost unique in Europe, sometimes in co-operation with other specialists. If necessary, a sleep examination can be carried out AT HOME IN YOUR OWN BED using one of the world’s smallest and most modern sleep laboratory devices (polysomnography).

 The future is here!

Diagnostics via the Breathing and Sleep Institute, we carry out state-of-the-art sleep diagnostics in your own bed

 On request, we can come to your home or hotel and fit you with the small high-performance device

CPAP adjustment and inspection possible

 Discussion of the results and demonstration of the findings

 for comprehensive information, see  the Breathing and Sleep Institute

Information on mouth breathing:

 Many are not aware that they occasionally, often or always breathe through their open mouths

 Without adequate therapy, nasal obstruction with mouth breathing leads to serious health problems

 You should breathe through your nose 24 hours a day except when speaking, eating, drinking and a few other things

 During the first decade of life, facial and jaw deformities can occur, as well as ear, speech and swallowing disorders, ADHD and much more

 A variety of illnesses can be the subsequent result (e.g., sleep apnoea, chronic snoring, heartburn, heart attack, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, facial/neck/jaw pain, etc.)


| Sleep laboratory device in size comparison

The following therapeutic measures are available to us at the Breathing and Sleep Institute:

outpatient or inpatient surgery to improve breathing

sleep video endoscopy to detect the location of the airway obstruction

nasal breathing training

If you are overweight, start a nutritional programme for weight loss

Myofunctional therapy of a tongue misalignment (often a central component of the therapy) and the oral muscles by a specialist speech therapist

tongue frenulum separation for shortened tongue frenulum and resulting tongue misalignment

dental/orthodontic expansion of the upper jaw to give the tongue more space

APAP therapy (treatment with excess pressure during sleep)